My name is Ginnie Sweeney, and in December of 2008 I opened Top Class Tutoring. At the time my husband, Ryan, and I were newlyweds attending Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University classes. The lesson on income and employment inspired me to make the leap from classroom teacher to full-time private tutor.

After two years of being a full-time math and chemistry tutor, I gave birth
to a beautiful baby girl. Her arrival resulted in a reordering of my priorities. I started hiring other tutors to “be me” so that I could spend more time at home being a wife and mother. Now I work from home managing over 50 other tutors. This past May through July, I lead a 10-week summer algebra 1 class in my home in Spring Hill, TN. I had such fun getting back into the teaching side of the business that I decided to offer weekly math and chemistry homework help sessions for the 2014 – 2015 school year.

Top Class Tutoring is able to meet a wide range of tutoring needs! My team of private tutors covers nine middle-Tennessee counties and a wide variety of subjects and grade levels.