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Last year my son struggled with chemistry. When he was failing his third nine weeks, I contacted Ginnie at Top Class Tutoring. She paired him with Clark. My son’s grade improved right away. He ended up with a B average for the second semester of the year. This is his senior year and he needed to bring up his ACT score. Again, I contacted Ginnie. She paired him with Teresa. He only had two tutoring sessions and was able to bring his score up five points! Thanks to Top Class Tutoring and their excellent tutors for providing the help he needed.
~ Pam ~

Teresa at Top Class Tutoring has been great! She has helped my son get through a difficult online French class. She is knowledgeable, patient, and very dependable. She communicates well, and often to keep you updated, so as a parent you know right where things stand. She was able to get through to my teenager, even though he fought her a great deal of the way. I can’t say enough about how much Teresa helped my son!
~ Susan ~

Chemistry has never been a strong suit of mine, and to add insult to injury I got stuck with the worst chem teacher at my high school. I managed to scoot by with an A-, but never actually learned much of anything. I always figured I’d have better luck in college. Senior year however, I decided to apply to a 6-year medical school, skipping undergrad altogether. To my dismay I found that acceptance was based on an entrance exam, one-third of which consisted of college level basic and organic chemistry. After no luck teaching myself, I reached out to Top Class Tutoring. I was set up with an absolutely phenomenal tutor who had me in tip-top shape within a few weeks! Now I’m in my second year and have leaned on the knowledge I learned countless times. Without Top Class Tutoring I may have never made it into medical school, and don’t know where I’d be today!
~ Alex ~

Our son has been studying math with our Top Class Tutoring tutor, Cynthia, for the last 8 weeks. The results are excellent with him making great improvements on his test scores at school. Her ability to specifically tailor her instruction to explain and help him understand math has given him confidence in the subject resulting in improvement.
~ Tania ~

Thomas is a wonderful tutor, role model and mentor for my 16-year-old son. Last year, as a high school freshman, my son struggled mightily with algebra. As a student with learning disabilities, my son learns best with repetition. This requires quite a lot of patience. In less than 6 months of working with Thomas, my son has fairly well mastered algebra. Thomas has shown tremendous patience in the process.
~ Eddie ~

We used Top Class Tutoring with great success in the past when our daughter needed help with Algebra 1 in middle school. Now she is a junior in high school and, after her first pre-cal honors quiz, she was the one who suggested that she needed help from TCT. I called Ginnie and she set my daughter up with Jeff for tutoring. After a few short weeks of tutoring, she scored a 100 on her last pre-cal quiz. We are very pleased with Jeff and Top Class Tutoring!
~ Ann ~

Thank you for sending Marcia to us as Taylor’s tutor for pre-calculus! She definitely helped Taylor have a better understanding of the subject and bring up her grade. Most importantly, she and Taylor formed a bond and she made Taylor feel relevant and more confident. Marcia has had a very positive impact on Taylor and as a parent, I couldn’t be more pleased with this experience and the results! Thanks to Ginnie at Top Class Tutoring for taking the time to carefully evaluate our needs and matching us up with the perfect tutor for Taylor!
~ Mitzi ~

When we hit a particularly difficult topic in sixth grade math, we reached out to Ginnie and she set us up with a math tutor (Jeff). He was wonderful! Our daughter’s scores improved noticeably and, more importantly, she gained a much better comprehension of the subject which translated to more confidence in herself when working on her assignments (homework and tests). The one-on-one tutoring proved invaluable. Thanks so much to Top Class Tutoring!
~ Dee Dee ~

My son Jonah and I are so grateful for Top Class Tutoring! When Jonah started failing in geometry, I contacted Ginnie with Top Class Tutoring and she set Jonah up with a tutor immediately. After just a few sessions with Marcia, Jonah gained a renewed understanding and comprehension of the curriculum and now has an “A” in geometry! Plus, if Jonah gets to a point where he is struggling we have the comfort of knowing Top Class Tutoring is always there to help get him back on track. Top Class Tutoring has been a great self-confidence and self-esteem builder!!
~ Michelle ~

The reading section of the ACT had always been my weakest. I tried numerous prep books, strategies, and other tutoring companies. Finally, I decided to give Top Class Tutoring a try before my last ACT test in September. I was paired with a great tutor that gave me a new strategy that seemed to work for me. I did the reading section of the ACT with confidence and finished without running out of time…a first. When I got my scores back, I was thrilled to see that my reading score had increased 9 points, from a 23 to a 32. This raised my composite score 4 points. I am incredibly grateful for TCT because I now qualify for many more scholarships and have a score I am proud of. Thanks TCT!
~ Elly ~

Imagine … your child is failing chemistry and algebra II the last 9 weeks of their junior year. That was what we were facing with just 3 weeks of school left. My daughter had changed schools in the second semester and was faced with an incomplete the 3rd nine weeks, and a failing score of 28 in chemistry the 4th nine weeks. Not only did it look completely hopeless, but my daughter was giving up knowing she would be faced with having to take the entire semester of chemistry over on the tail end of her senior year… a time that should be smooth and hopeful for graduation and college. It was then suggested that I speak with Ginnie Sweeney of Top Class Tutoring. She paired us with Ayo, a stellar tutor who turned out to be a guardian angel. Under his tutelage and against all odds, my daughter passed both chemistry and algebra II! Now she can complete her senior year without retakes, with a sense of accomplishment and higher self esteem. I am using Top Class Tutoring for her ACT prep as well. THANK YOU Ayo, Ginnie, and Top Class Tutoring!!!!
~ Felicia ~

Thomas, is an extremely bright and kind person, perfect for tutoring! He is conscientious and timely. Moreover, he relates very well to high school students. He merits a strong endorsement.
~ Bob ~

We’ve found a new program…it’s called “thanks to Ginnie”. — In our house, ACT now stands for “A Cure to the TEST”. Thanks to Ginnie’s ACT tutoring our son recently increased his math score by 4 points!! Math has been an Achilles heel for both of our children. With a minimal investment in Ginnie’s ACT prep class we’ve see significant improvement! What makes Ginnie’s class so special is how she streamlines her teaching. Eric had knowledge of the basics, as he had taken the ACT previously, but what Ginnie was able to decipher was his particular needs and focused on those areas. Thank you Ginnie for the extra 4 points! If you are looking for help with your ACT… or math in general, contact Ginnie. You’ll thank yourself when it comes time to write that check for college.
~ Mary ~

I met Ginnie Sweeney last summer, as she was recommended to me by one of the math teachers at Page High. My daughter wanted to take a class that the math teacher did not think she was prepared for, but she was bored in her previous math classes and wanted the challenge. Therefore, I called Ginnie to ask her about tutoring Reagan. She came to our home and worked with Reagan for several weeks throughout the summer preparing her for this class. I am thrilled to say that Reagan is at the top of her math class and is doing great. Many many thanks for Ginnie’s ability to teach and to meet with her in our home, as we all have busy schedules. I highly recommend her to you, as she is an excellent teacher.
~ Rochelle ~

Three of our children have benefited from Ginnie Sweeney’s tutoring skills. We cannot recommend her highly enough! She is reliable and flexible, which has been incredibly helpful given our children’s changing schedules. In addition to her obvious mastery and enjoyment of her subject matter, she has the ability to engage her students and communicate with them in a way that makes sense to them given their life experience.
~ Mary and Glenn ~

I had two math classes left in order to finish my BBA Degree from Belmont, and I knew that I would have to get a tutor. I heard about Ginnie by word of mouth and I am so glad I did. She was absolutely amazing and without her I would have never gotten through my classes and graduated. She is very patient and took the time to explain what I needed to know in great detail. Through high school and college I never had a math teacher as knowledgeable as her. She has a true gift to teach.
~ Darcy ~

Top Class Tutoring is top notch. My sons had a great experience, and the results were exceptional. Besides an improved understanding of the curriculum, it also increased their self-confidence. As a result, my youngest son went from a B to an A in Algebra, and my oldest scored high enough on his ACT to receive additional scholarship opportunities. I highly recommend Top Class Tutoring for both general and customized lessons according to your child’s goals.
~ Natasha ~

We have been so pleased with Top Class Tutoring. Ginnie Sweeney is a knowledgeable tutor, and she has been a great pre-calculus tutor for my son. She is professional and realiable. I would highly recommend her for tutoring at any math level.
~ Cecilia ~

I graduated from college 19 years ago and have returned to take a calculus refresher course. Ginnie Sweeney has been extraordinary. She is very patient, extremely knowledgeable, and has been able to work around my schedule. Most of the students in my class just graduated from high school and remember a lot from algebra, trigonometry, etc. That is not the case with me. Ginnie applies skills from all previous math courses to make solving calculus problems easier to understand. She ensures that I grasp the purpose of formulas and how to utilize my high tech calculator. I have been pleased and impressed with Ginnie’s ability to adapt to different learning styles, abilities and age groups. I would certainly recommend her to all students needing assistance in math.
~ Gloria ~

My son needed to take the ISEE exam. With Ginnie’s help he scored in the 71st percentile. He only needed to be in the 51st percentile to be accepted into private school. He did this in just three tutoring sessions! Amazing!!! He is now doing well in algebra.
~ Consuela ~

Ginnie, I would like to thank you for getting Matthew back on track. In just one visit he was so motivated he wanted to make another tutoring appointment as soon as possible (and we did). That is music to my ears. Again, thank you so much.
~ Tammie ~